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3 mars 2012 6 03 /03 /mars /2012 05:00

    Once a relationship, an expired promise, a past shadow had vision of hand with your life, who look forward to the hall with your hand in marriage, but now I am into the marriage hall, but not you. A silent ending, two people, alas, a lifetime of memories. cocktail dresses canada Broke up two years time, vaguely have your shadow linger         in the mind, lurking in the depths of the soul, right now you live? Side have to accompany you? Inadvertently think of me? I have not dialed the familiar strange numbers not want to, just speechless. Do not want to tell you the message of marriage, I was afraid of their own feelings of uncontrollable impulse, will once again into the whirlpool of love will break it all quiet. Married a few days ago, I hesitated, I do not know whether this is what I want, not yet ready to accept it when it unknowingly arrived. Was both calm and sad, that marriage is a process of life, there will always come, sigh the past part of the situation, why the initial OK, can not be retained to the last collection can not be eternal. I came by water and no atmosphere of joy infection, but the silence of sadness. Time of footsteps approaching, the day of the wedding day arrived, so put away the sadness, the brain to remove the memory so that they are truly a new, new ideas, new start, new feelings of rebirth. Very lively                  wedding, family and friends get together one for us to send the wedding blessings, I wear a dream wedding dress, holding the groom, walked in front of friends and family, 11 King TV drama cups of sweet wedding, moment payable to, but you. Shock, panic, I do not know what to do, blankly looking at you, as if the scene we both exist, and you stand in front of us, facing the groom said something: "You can not marry her!" I suddenly tears sounded, I thought: "Why do you want to appear, why you said, why I want to throw away the time to start afresh in the past, but old to disturb my heart." you and your groom speech attack, even shot to play, people are discourage and pulled, as if who won, I is your victory over goods, friends and family have cast a strange look, look at my wedding, I am embarrassed as a clown crying in the next. "Do not hit." I already gave up so much lost face in the eyes of all, I tried to cry. I ask: "Why do you disturb my wedding for you to be there."     I love you, I want to forget you, I would also like to wish you happiness, but for so long, I can not hear you the message of marriage, I lost sad a very long time, I tried to restrain no longer want you, no longer bother you, I really can not do, I know you're married today, I just want to last intentions exchange you. "You talk with the feelings of the past two years. "But too late!" I cry to cry. A better atmosphere for a quiet wedding, the        wedding disrupted, leaving behind a people's arguments sound. Looked at the faces of the people laughed, watching the people I cast eyes, listening to the irony, I can not stand it. "Why are you so embarrassed, why the     pain left me, I hate you." Picked up the knife, the bloody red wedding dress, wrist drops of blood, all silly, Mom and Dad for me The move startled, I syncope in the past. prom dresses canada Like a wedding is not a better hall, evening dresses canada it is pay homage to my blood-stained.

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3 mars 2012 6 03 /03 /mars /2012 04:58

    Wedding dress rent a good buy more affordable? Today, people's living standards continue to progress, more and more new wedding dress,  cheap wedding dresses wedding dress personalized demand is also growing strongly, the wedding day wedding dress rent or buy more affordable to the importance attached by the new!
    Want to know the wedding dress is more affordable to rent a good buy, we will analyze both the case of the first to buy a wedding dress, buy wedding dress clean, tailored, you can treasure a lifetime; do not want to treasure can also be sold to the bridal salon or in the studio "Rent." The fine texture of the wedding is the cheapest but also around 1500, into a larger; need to arrange for sufficient time to pick; and accessories (crown, necklace, etc.) is not a good solution.
    Look to rent wedding dress, rent wedding dress: format selected room; Accessories problem can be resolved, especially the wedding season, many shops will launch the Value Package, wedding dresses canada will be the wedding dress, veil, bridal shoes, the details of the invisible underwear, makeup all contain, or even rent wedding shop, the lease must be the wedding of the amount of money enough is complimentary rental bridesmaid dresses a day. Private for sale or rent: special style, the fineness of the newer, cost-effective, often through one or two almost brand new wedding, the price is greatly discounted. But size is not very good changes, unmatched high body requests, if it does not fit, but also their own to get the outside to change.
    Wedding dress rent a good or buy a more affordable, bridesmaid dresses canada the situation has been analyzed, the couple can combine their own situation and consider it carefully, make a decision!

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2 mars 2012 5 02 /03 /mars /2012 05:54

Wedge: boys and girls are like the sea, buried with them at the beach to lay their own share of mind the wishes of the box. cheap wedding dresses "Growing up, I have to personally help you to put on a beautiful wedding." Simply does not understand what true love boy, a very heartfelt way the girl said. Washed up, and it would cover up the place where they buried the box. The boy from the heart understand that their wish will be realized. Although not to believe this, but the girl has always been believed. So his heart would involuntarily in accordance with the girl. Girls only slight point nodded and did not care about the look. Text: probably also really too coincidental, and the girl left the boy 10 years ago when the boy has always had to find her dream, he just want to grow up quickly grow up to can see the girl. However, 10 years of anticipation, so it is the message of marriage for girls. Fate always seems like a joke, on the day of the marriage of girls, the boys actually find her. The girls wear a beautiful wedding, just next to her more of a people. She no longer belongs to a person. Any boy what now has no way to change what. wedding dresses canada The boy originally want to go, but then one reason or another their own after all, and girls met a. No! Time with them at least have had so many years. Not a moment forgot to be able to forget. However, he knew not say what, after all, he was a boy, how to show the kind of mood. "......" When girls see boys even did not speak, and psychology is even more complicated. Or surprised, indeed! Is indeed a boy! Although the past 10 years time, but the figure of the boy she'll never even think about to forget. She still remembers, really remember! I remember them carefree child to play together, that seems silly boy, but every time they have a difficult time to come forward. However, why he would find her? Bride! "Boys pretend to be silly. This also is in line with his dress: plain and simple, framed the Shangqie is also can be said that there is no future that type. At least in some eyes, this sake is really annoying. "You!" The girl finally spoke the words. Is your friend? "This time the groom over. His hands still holding the glass, apparently to "hostessing". The boy did not speak just stared at the girl, his eyes are disturbing. Really strange caused the pole, he simply will be girls as the enemy, not! Should the groom as the enemy is! "How?" Girls want to reach out to touch the boy. The boy was quickly out of the way. "You want how in the end?" In the end the groom's patience is limited, although today is their wedding day, but it does not allow other people so. The boy did not say any words only Lamo away. "I remember, I promised to you personally for my wedding dress, you said you like to see the moment I put on the wedding, but how do you know what will be the struggle of my heart, how can you know that I am behind is not easy. "the girl thought, but how she dared to face said, just turned and grabbed the groom side. "Seaside!" The girl suddenly remembered that she and the boy laid on the beach wish. She does not take into account the feelings of the groom, so even the shoes do not wear chasing the boy. "Do not go! You know you once said, do not count all?" The girl is almost as fast Hanposangzai. In fact, the boy did not real far away, heard the girl if he can not help but look back and looked at her. The girls ran the speed is even more powerful, to the boy's side of the air breather interest. "I know that 10 years ago, a piece of paper that you put down that box into the written will." The girl talking to even cry out loud. "No you can not see!" The boy looked quite different the brake. You said, just because my mother! I now truly understand that the original sins ashamed evil hand of the car accident is your father! "Girl trembling speak off. "I ..." "So, in those years, you are in order to compensate for the sins of your father before me like that of the! Is not it? I was a fool, do not ask you also know you have written in my note clearly had it not? "the girl from his pocket, took out a small piece of paper:" 10 years you know that 10 years how I was over? that time, I think will piece of paper burned, but I love you! I really love you! you know? how much you hurt me! " "I'm sorry ..." the boy lit a cigarette: "However, you are so sure I will not do you the slightest feelings? You only take into account their own, that you thought about me? 10 years you left, you know I am how come? " "Now to say this, what use is it! Only, you still do your young master!" The girl said something coldly then turned around and want to go. "You can not forgive me? Because I fool you? I said my feelings for you is never a cent false even if I had to be close to you indeed to make up for my father's fault, because I know just lost money it can not solve what! ... " "You say you want to see my wedding dress, really looked at it now, but you have not thought about how many tears fell on the wedding above," the girl stopped crying, psychological or a little could not help but re- how to not make the boy feel their own weakness. She can not! Really can not! bridesmaid dresses canada

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2 mars 2012 5 02 /03 /mars /2012 03:25


   Do not know Kay is too low-key, or deliberately to avoid the topic and his, until his wedding on the school forum, I know that he really wants to get married. Once, I fantasize about wearing a gorgeous dress, to become his bride, the color of envy and blessings, and he went to the temple of happiness. cheap wedding dresses


 But, fantasy, after all, only an illusion. Too far from the truth.


    He is still handsome, face of happiness is no less, just the side that took his arms, dressed in a white dress girls, not me. Iraq Han, wedding dresses canada prettier than me, such a gorgeous dress, so excellent groom, perhaps, is tailor-made for her right.


    Did not think about him a long time, I thought he had calm, but when he and the Iraqi Han so happily, heart, or stop the tears, could not stop the bleeding.


It really hurts, that faint is unusually deep pain, piercing pain seep into the bones, the whole person convulsions.


    Know him twelve years, twelve years. His voice and facial expression has long been imprinted in my heart, a blessing for a little while will be able to forget. Accustomed to his care, so that I could not have been out of his own life, his air is still pure, but so dull, the weight of my breath, it is necessary to stifle.


Perhaps the strong point out of his sight.


Married? Is not married, I can.


Picked up on the coffee table base, sown never take the initiative to dial the number, "sub-odd what? I promised you to marry him to my house, immediately, the opportunity did not give him answer, hang on cold phone.


Relief as lay down on the sofa, and my heart I do not know what kind of taste.


Tapping, knock at the door and insisted on his exhausted body, opened the door.


Xiao Ya, how do you it? Uncomfortable it? Go to the hospital? "Linzi Qi care so much about me, perhaps to find a people who love me, than to find one I love to be happy, like a child odd and Kay .


"I'm fine, just tired and want to find a shoulder to rely on." Heads in to his shoulder, close your eyes, trying to find Kay's shadow from him.


"I help you to break it, you are tired and do not always suffer with." His voice sounds good, but completely different from Kay's gentle like a joking attitude, he will always be so , it is estimated that the last words is this tone.


    Went to bed, the body sour, may be stiff the sake of long suddenly softened. Odd child also handsome, very rich, at least he was a beloved, which some do not have Yao Kaifeng, why dead to rely on him.


"Strange, we got married it." I do not know is what attitude to say that.


"Ah?" He stunned, quickly recovered. Xiao Ya, how suddenly want to get married? You seem to have not agreed to and I have contacts. "


"You do not want? Forget it." I know he must be willing, but not easily agree to.


"But how? I only dream you be my bride, just forget it Kay? Do not force yourself." His color flashes, but quickly faded down.


    Since willing not to say others, that you and your home, we get married as soon as possible. Or engagement also OK, but as soon as possible, to get within a month. "Closed his eyes to quickly fall asleep. for fear of their own back to go back on this decision, it really is very firm, slightly a little miscellaneous considerations, will be able to shake.


    I, all right, my father said, as soon as possible, however, you are not allowed to go back, the bride's wedding, but very boring. "He seems afraid of me breaking an engagement, I know he cares about me.


    I do not answer, but closed eyes, he must have thought I was asleep, I just asked in the heart of their own: I'm really not breaking an engagement? I really let go Kay? This odd, is not fair? I can not answer, I have been unable to control himself.


    "You obediently sleep Oh, I went to give you to eat dinner ready, and call you." He gently helped me to cover the quilt, and then gently go out with the door. This is not a careful boys, but it can so thoughtful for me, I have any reason to hurt him?


    In this way, Kay, you do your groom, and I have done my bride all over it. bridesmaid dresses canadabridesmaid-dresses-canada.jpg

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2 mars 2012 5 02 /03 /mars /2012 03:24

The hot summer


Who stubbornly wrapped in cotton-padded jacket


Shaking also sweating


See Jasmine


Lackadaisical acacia


Embrace yesterday's juvenile

cocktail dresses canada


Whispered blessings


Less a familiar figure


People have changed to flower, but thicker


Trees bend the waist


Kiss you abandoned the umbrella


Finally pain shaking under the covered leaves


Your department head to spend


Compiled rather like a childhood dream




Staring at him


Cried away


Bell rings


Prayer quit the stage


On the red carpet


Whose footsteps


Wrong the direction of happiness




Heavy and decisive answer


Echoed in the church as the ghosts of notes

prom dresses canada

July the sky to float snow


Frozen with fleeing wedding


Candles burn


Piano in the corner


Played this summer, heartbroken songsevening dresses canada

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29 février 2012 3 29 /02 /février /2012 06:57

Des modèles sur mesure est apparue récemment dans le réseau: "Moonwalker" Dunk, le Salut, nike air max 90 pas cher Michael Jackson "moonwalk" comme thème. Le côté talon de la belle silhouette de performance en noir et blanc danse Meachel sentiment profond du ciel a été presque parfaite, ne sais nike air max 90 pas pourquoi avez-vous choisi un rose tendre. air max france Dans l'ensemble, c'est vraiment un travail assez éblouissante. nike air max pas cher La date d'émission et le prix est temporairement inconnu. Suis impatient de ah! Qui a jamais vu?

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28 février 2012 2 28 /02 /février /2012 10:54

Serie Senior Designer per sostenere il gusto sublime,abiti da cocktail come sempre, con tessutiincredibilmente sofisticati e colori, belle strisce bianche, mini tessuti a rombi e splendididisegni geometrici, con affascinante design personale ed echi effetto plissè aggiunto per il tipo di abbigliamento illimitata dinamica, per creare una privatizzazione completa diPribe delle collezioni di stilisti ...

In più grandi vendite negli Stati Uniti, brand designer europeo, la sua nave ammiraglia del marchio Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani per la classe ricca, Mani, Mani, abiti da cerimonia on line

Oggi, l'azienda Armani Armani ha sedi in tutto 100 paesi. Oltre alla moda, Giorgio ArmaniGiorgio Armani, ha anche un certo numero di, carte di donne brand come marchio di abbigliamento Emporio, Mani, abbigliamento casual e marchi denim come Armani JeansArmani Jeans e così via, a quali categorie di prodotti oltre alla Armani A Maniabbigliamento, ma ha anche la cravatta Emporio Armani, gli occhiali Armani Armani,abiti cerimoniaArmani, Armani sciarpe, pelletteria in Armani Armani, Armani profumi Armani. EmporioArmani Emporio Armani è un marchio di grande successo, "Emporio" in italiano significagrande magazzino, l'Armani Armani department store ", bouquet sposa 2012questa Emporio Armani marchio per giovane famiglia.

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28 février 2012 2 28 /02 /février /2012 10:53

Se si vuole avere il matrimonio di un modernista Oltre a dare se stessi per scegliere un matrimonio adatto, ma anche per le vostre damigelle scegliere un abito fresco e sensazione di pienezza. Abiti da damigella della nuova stagione con colori vivaci e sartoria pulito,bouquet sposa 2012 design unico consente, come una damigella d'onore come buono.Stravaganza damigella d 'onore di vestire in verde bianco e verde naturale puro è visto come un colore armonico. Essa simboleggia la vita, l'equilibrio, la pace e la vitalità. Il verde è ovunque nell'aria naturale, fresco, adatto per matrimoni all'aperto e d'estate, pizzi, cavo, stampa ...... elementi retrò in tutto il mondo, è come una raffica di malattia al ciclone, l'istantanea spazzato guardaroba di una donna. Comunque, avete sentito la piega organo? Forse si pensa che è molto strano,abiti cerimonia ma una più stretta trovato molti vestito stile vintage, ci sono tracce di esso. A differenza l'elemento popolare al vigoroso, per andare senza lasciare traccia. E 'sempre una donna più dolce e più intimo generale "partner", come la fisarmonica ha aperto le pieghe del suo fascino semplice e lo stile di colore con loro e sempre dovrebbe essere il cuore umano. L'amore per il nodo di individuare l'organo più adatto per damigelle che indossano abito plissettato, retro atmosfera vi renderà più affascinante! Molte persone non conoscono il galateo pacchetto di matrimonio, infatti, oltre alla sposa con il matrimonio di prendere la borsa, ci dovrebbe essere un borsette abito specializzate, borse abbigliamento,abiti da cerimonia on line damigelle d'onore dovrebbe indossare l'abito del colore con un sacchetto. Questa estate, l'occhio scintillante d'oro e d'argento per diventare i protagonisti assoluti del campo della moda, vernice, paillettes, raso, aspetto lussuoso. Moda paillettes matrimonio borsa damigelle d'onore damigella d'onore non è pellicola di nozze della sposa, borse con paillettes d'argento, con un vestito leggero modelli semplici ed eleganti damigella d'onore,abiti da cocktail si guarda né strappato alla ribalta della sposa, può rendere il matrimonio sulle sopracciglia ospiti, come l'eroina secondo la più brillante!

Non è più una damigella d'onore la sposa sul lato delle foglie verdi, la sposa al matrimonio fondamentalmente vuole cambiare l'abito tre damigella condizionale in base al vestito della sposa per abbinare il vestito da damigella d'onore è la bellezza delle damigelle possono anche rompere il concetto tradizionale di la loro prima notte di nozze diventa vivida e commovente. La percentuale di eleganti state-of-the-art della cena damigelle servizio di questo disegno linea di cintura in mente sotto il babydoll può essere abbastanza coprire il corpo, e la modifica del rapporto non può coprire solo il ventre del cervello o del Tunxing brutto, può anche tirare le gambe , in modo da babydoll è molto facile da indossare abiti, soprattutto in quanto tale, vestito di colore Fenju, il matrimonio deve essere un pubblico di passeggeri stupefacente, deve sentire che sei damigelle più belle del mondo.

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28 février 2012 2 28 /02 /février /2012 10:51
Con l'arrivo dell'ondata di freddo in inverno, e ci sarà un sacco di gente nella sala matrimonio. Negli ultimi anni, la damigella d'onore è diventato indispensabile nello scenario di nozze, abiti da cocktailquindi le damigelle d'onore dovrebbe essere come la selezione di abiti da damigella d'inverno? Comprendere inverno abiti da damigella d'onore di scegliere i punti, in modo da trovare i giusti abiti da damigella d'inverno per farvi partecipare a nozze amiche caldo e bello.Inverno abiti da damigella a: a partecipare a nozze personalizzata adatta a scegliere romantica tipo luminoso
Primavera, la stampa splendida e bella è la più adatta per un matrimonio all'aperto è un ambiente rilassante e piacevole per i nuovi arrivati, questo può diventare l'elemento che tenere a mente che la vita bella.
1, con la stampa di abbigliamento per l'atmosfera estate, ma la dimensione dei fiori deve essere moderato. Non solo per i fiori di grandi dimensioni non sono adatte per le persone petite, ma troppo è troppo forte dei fiori è sorprendente, e prendete lo stile sposa. Se gli accessori della sposa indossava un abito di stampa,abiti da cerimonia on line gioielli soprattutto semplice, anche non si può indossare.
2, il matrimonio personalizzato tenuti all'aperto, indossando un abito di stampa e ambiente esterno è molto compatibile. Il colore del fiore di alcuni forti, alcuni brillanti, nessun problema, la chiave è per il divertimento di nozze,abiti cerimonia ovviamente, i colori non brillano la sposa può. Bridesmaids a prestare attenzione al colore del vestito di abiti in coordinamento con la sposa di solito indossano abito al ginocchio alto il colore della lavanda pallido, verde chiaro. Se la sposa di indossare i semplici abiti da sposa in stile, costumi da damigella non è assolutamente complicato, il colore ad essere unificata.3, sull'erba verde, mare azzurro e cielo sulla, mondo matrimonio all'aperto paesaggio yacht come uno specchio solo per completare il sogno di un bambino. Meno rigido e diventare più caldo, nel vasto mondo della natura, bouquet sposa 2012il perseguimento della libertà di assenza di vincoli terreni. Non abbiamo attenersi rigidamente al vestito vestito, abbigliamento casual, aggiungere alcuni elementi di moda, i dettagli di Belle tratteggiata con la romantica "principessa e il principe felici e contenti dopo aver vissuto insieme".4, la mente un po 'più che indossa un paio di jeans può essere anche partecipato al matrimonio. La pasta dura di un senso molto significativa dei jeans di qualità, insieme con paillettes, perline, decorativi, o Dipartimento di una splendida, cintura squisita, Con tale abbellimento, pantaloni, un senso grandioso. Tuttavia, il pelo è meglio non indossare cotone, canapa e la tessitura tempo libero, mettere una garza pop, top di seta, jeans meglio far risaltare la qualità e il grado

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27 février 2012 1 27 /02 /février /2012 03:44


Pour le printemps et l'été de 2012 fut sans aucun doute les modèles essentielspopulaires robe robe bustier, ligne d'épaule belle et la clavicule est également exposées,mais le style est plus élégant par rapport à T Robe de Soirée Bustier, l'épaule sous les manches del'existence de pratiques, en insistant sur l'épaule et la comparaison de la taille, de sorte que l'usure de taille plus fine, poitrine plus longue!

Robe de Soirée

Xiangjian, l'introduction d'une infinité de mots rêveries, dans les débuts de l'actrice,Xiangjian est certainement un arme à double tranchant, Lo est gracieuse et charmante, la Robe de Soirée Pour Mariage est trop laid trop confiants. Pour le printemps et l'été de 2012 fut sans aucun douteles modèles essentiels populaires robe Robe de Soirée Femme Enceinte bustier, ligne d'épaule belle et la clavicule est également exposées, mais le style est plus élégant par rapport à T robe, l'épaule sous les manches de l'existence de pratiques, en insistant sur l'épaule et la comparaison de la taille, de sorte que l'usure de taille plus fine, poitrine plus longue!

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