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Add some more crystal elements to the wedding, so you the flowing skirt flashing brilliance Crystal, add a dash of color to your wedding. Sexy the fishtail skirt radial crystal: chest wrapped fishtail skirt bride figure can be perfect S-shaped render to maximize the effect of the huge skirt texture is like Christmas snowflake-like soft crystal ornaments,evening dresses australia></a><a href=, plus waist descending bloom focused,evening dresses australia, so the whole wedding Aspect. Classic fishtail skirt Pose bride walking inadvertently mentioning skirt action, then the chest, buttocks, knees, will form a perfect 3S curve, wedding sideways at Crystal design, will provide the necessary luster Look for your whole side. To echo the the Crystal theme on the wedding, lace veil: lace veil should also have the right amount of crystal ornaments, so let the bride overall brightness of a gradient effect,prom dresses australia。 both rich visual, another primary or secondary. X-shaped profile wedding pearl crystal mashup: X shape, formed by the shoulder and the skirt bride's waist looks are "dancer mention gas state at any time, classical gauze skirt, side of the chest and the skirt use a small amount of fine lace, lace inlaid with tiny pearls and crystals, bust off the assembly line at the teardrop-shaped crystal manufacturing miniature "rain curtain", the detail to be perfect and moving. Sworn aspects of the bride in the marriage hall, leaned forward guests At this time, the wedding side silhouette show the hip hip pad design is very classical taste. Stacked with tulle contour of the edge of the tiny white pearl inlaid on this Shazhi hip pad both drape and details at the dynamic. The elegant skirt: hip pad Up rising lines and skirt Baotou chiffon multilayer processing, air sense and a sense of lightness is already presented a large number of tiny pearls and crystal inlaid on the skirt, the right to prevent the wedding weight dancing in the wind, the X-shaped profile by more than a bit of a sense of calm.

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